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Is it really necessary to wash and touch the child's genitals that often?

Is it done for the benefit of the child or for the sexual curiosity of the parent?

By contrast, industrialized countries of the West have only embraced circumcision of boys.

The medical industry promotes this surgical act and praises it for its "beneficial effects" on the child's health.

All forms of sexual abuse, including exposure to sexual talk, pornography, or masturbation, may affect the victims for life.

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Until recently, circumcision, it is is currently practiced by most Third-World countries.

And older women often encourage the acts as socially proper. An adolescent girl with prominently developed breasts is eagerly hugged and pressed against the chest of a male relative or family friend.

The whole social environment creates conditions for socially acceptable forms of sexual abuse, and abusers happily exploit the opportunity.

In essence, such forms of sexual abuse are institutionalized psychopathology, and the children are always affected mentally.

In addition to acceptable but abusive behaviors, there are interactions that are in the gray zone.As a consequence, the child loses some amount of his or her emotional intelligence.