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08-Jun-2017 10:13

But depression has many different faces and manifestations.We have many of the symptoms of clinical depression, but we are still functioning.A glass of wine might make you feel really mellow and even ~ gasp! (That’s how I finally realized that I was depressed.) You feel like you’re wasting your life.Some people have a high sensitivity to the inherent meaning in what we do.I am an author and creativity coach, so I wrote it particularly for writers and artists, but these signs could apply to anyone ~ I believe we are all creative in one way or another.There are many causes of depression; in my work I focus on people’s needs to create art and to make meaning, and on how to deal with the depression that arises when those needs go unmet for whatever reason.

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But these are some of the signs I’ve observed in myself and those I’ve coached: Nothing is fun.Because you are admitting your own responsibility for your unhappiness and that can trigger self-judgment.