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22-Oct-2017 11:27

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"We all need to heal through interaction." Watch the hourlong silent interview below. It’s a Saturday morning at the end of September and I’m still in bed, laptop booted up before I’ve even had a conscious thought, when a notification tells me I have an email from Shia La Beouf. I’ve been followed on Twitter by numerous La Beouf parodies lately, having written about the ex-Transformers actor’s recent work in the realm of performance art. At one point, La Beouf says that he – as an only child – longed for the kind of family he saw in ; that online connections cannot replace physical presence, that he approaches social media as a game like Tetris. The pull of a digital connection follows us into the room, yet morphs into something entirely different.It was La Beouf's idea to keep their words online and meet in person without speaking.So, in mid-October, while La Beouf was in London for the premiere of , the two filmed an hourlong sit-down in his hotel room, with the actor and Cliff both wearing Go Pro cameras strapped to their heads. He writes that one woman "whipped" his legs for 10 minutes, "and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me." La Beouf adds that his girlfriend was in line to see him when the alleged rapist walked out with disheveled hair and smudged lipstick and, he says, word of what transpired inside reached her.I assumed being skilled at my craft would fulfil that; that being well known for something I love would substitute the void of my father. When Shia La Beouf walked into my roundtable room I could almost see him wanting to run the other way. And since the last time I saw Shia I asked him an Indy question that he wasn’t expecting…

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He holds nothing back: he tells me about his relationship with his father, and traumatic experiences. Watch the film of our meeting below, and head to the website he made with collaborators Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner to read the unedited transcript of our email correspondence in a special format designed by the artists."Holes" wasn't the only movie La Beouf worked on that year.

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