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14-Aug-2017 20:16

Even away from the ethnic material, a lot of Chowdhry's content seems old hat.He gets a laugh from repeating the toilet attendants' sales pitch of 'no Armani, no punani' or from regurgitating the idea that Britain's storms are weedy, resulting in nothing more than a blown-over bin – the internet meme you'll have seen after every bad weather warning.In what had been intended as a Q&A at the end, the room turns into a rabble, shouting over each other, hoping to prompt more such putdowns.The audience differs from the liberal norm in other ways, too.Preparations for the legal fight over AT&T’s billion Time Warner takeover suggest the antitrust case will focus heavily on the small screen, drawing much of its evidence from the companies’ video rivals.Paul Chowdhry is back at London’s Hammersmith Apollo with his brand new stand up DVD PC’s World.That, surely, is the key to his success, tapping into a big market not catered for by the comedy mainstream.And in return they love that he uses the same slang as them, has the same reference points, knows all the factions.'There's more internal racism in this room than the BNP could ever inflict,' he says of an audience that would elsewhere all be grouped together as generic 'Asian'.

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Even when it's not directly 'found' comedy, much of his topics feel tired. The brutally terse attitude has plenty of appeal, but the jokes are too easy, PC.• The DVD of PC's World is out on November 30.

That he knows this is the key to his appeal, in the same way Canadian comedy superstar Russell Peters never lets even the smallest ethnic enclave in his audience go without a namecheck.

Admittedly as a white bloke, some of the subtleties of Chowdhry's reference points passed me by, although he gives some wry observations, such as his portrayals of stifling Indian hospitality or the peculiar tics of various uncles, a more universal appeal, and are all the better for it.

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With an estimated 100 million pieces of debris orbiting the earth it’s clear: Space has a junk problem. K.’s Surrey Space Centre for a behind-the-scenes look at a new device that it hopes is a cost-effective solution.Recorded as part of his 100 date UK sell out tour, including three night’s at the legendary venue, Paul is close to the edge as he takes his audience on a comedy journey through vicious weather, unimaginable pets, discrimination, family values and his trade mark off the cuff comedy improvisations.

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