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When a group heading has more than one level, each level is separated with a -, such as Services Providers - ITSP Profile A SIP:: For OBi models that have a USB Port, an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter accessory may be attached to provide an additional LINE port.

As such, references in this document that describe configuration or behavior of the LINE port or Li interface apply to the OBi110 or devices with an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter attached.

Up to four (4) TGs can be defined in an OBi (see the section Trunk Groups for detail).

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After 5 seconds the OBi will turn silent and be ready to accept an incoming call to page.On the second Hook-Flash, the first call and the second outbound call are placed in a conference.To remove the second conferenced party, invoke a third Hook-Flash.The OBi PHONE port has a Maximum Sessions capacity of two (2).

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When the OBi PHONE port goes On-Hook this will end current call and invoke a ring for the holding call.The OBi PHONE port supports input signalling and control messages comprised of: On Hook, Off Hook, Hook Flash, DTMF tones.