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These divisions can be by: Any of these criteria can backfire.For example, one child might be the favorite because they look and act just like their saintly, deceased mother.If the parents have clearly realized their foolishness and have shown to be really sorry, then this MAY take a lot of weight off them.Parental Favoritism can have a huge impact on characters even when they become adults.Since then Miss Yasbeck has continued to do some acting (“That’s So Raven”), but most of her energies have gone into spreading awareness of heart disease. In the past when people mailed me photos to sign, I have always wanted to ask the people about their lives. Miss Yasbeck to discussed The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health, why people think she is “Desperate Housewives” actress Marcia Cross and what it may take to get Mel Brooks to accept her marriage proposals. I want to write back because they write such nice letters to me. I just snuck up and hugged my friend Henry Winkler. Q: What is the most common things fans say to you when they meet you? One child having to do all the chores on a daily basis, while their brother/sister sits and plays video games is definitely favoritism. If there is an argument or fight, the parent(s) will always take the side of one particular sibling, and the other(s) will be the ones being scolded/punished.

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There are a few different versions of the trope, and a few different "explanations" as to why one child is preferred over the other.This is regularly done to "humanise" the hitherto parents — but it's too late.By the time of the talk, most of the audience will already be set against the parents, and it'll take a hell of a lot of good writing to redeem them.Occasionally, parents have a child that naturally requires more care and attention than the others, because they're very young, disabled, or psychologically damaged.

This will still seem unfair to the other kids who get less of their parents' time, but it's necessity rather than favoritism... This is a favorite plot for children's books and television, where the lead character is jealous of a new baby sister or brother only to be reassured that "we love you just as much." On the other hand, if the favorite is Too Good for This Sinful Earth, the parents may never learn to appreciate their living children.

Another might be just the opposite — The Unfavorite — because of resemblance to the mother that walked out on the father — or even because they remind the father of the saintly mother.