Funny online dating intros

14-Aug-2017 10:35

So annoying, in fact, that they sometimes ruin what could be good content and turn off viewers forever. Sure, I am not the biggest fan of vloggers (it’s just not my thing and I’ve never been able to get into it no matter how hard I’ve tried), but I don’t try to act like they’re stupid and dumb. When they play their cards right, You Tube stars can make millions of dollars, gain lots of notoriety, and turn something as small as a seven minute online video into a business empire.

That’s very impressive, even if the path to that empire is full of loud laughing, dramatic titling, and overall teeth grindingly annoying behavior.

I give them props for being successful on the Internet, because it is really not as easy as so many people think it is.

That said, I still reserve the right to talk about how irritating they can be.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

I know that the whole goal with You Tube is to gain subscribers and build your channel, and I totally get that, as a serious You Tuber, you have to remind people to do that.

They always true to act too relatable in a way that doesn't feel authentic, most of them either don't explain enough or explain way too much, and once they become famous, they stop doing so much beauty and start focusing on way more boring lifestyle topics. I'm actually less likely to click on these titles because they annoy me so much.

But perhaps the most annoying thing is how they show "simple" and "easy" makeup tutorials featuring hundreds of dollars worth of products. (I know it's to get attention, but it's still annoying) Why is everything so incredibly clickbaity? If I had to pick the absolute worst thinga bout You Tubers, it would be their intros.

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