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The inserts fit well, glasses wrap around and have both clear and shaded inserts. These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece! This year I wanted a backup, so I purchased this anorak.Do a good job of keeping the blowing Kuwaiti dust/sand out of your eyes, and CSM's off your butt for not wearing eye pro. I also ordered the Suppressor frame and stuck my dark lens in it - the Crossbow Suppressor frame is ultra thin so you can wear them with ear muffs. Regretfully I have to say that I was highly disappointed. I save money on fire-wood, propane and electricity not needing to heat my cabin when I am in this bag. Very happy with my purchase.ordered 2 and received them they are ames copies same quality however I did order with the rubber cover and I never received it or an email that it is backordered or anything. I purchased three pairs of these boots for military memorial displays. I turn of the heater, turn off the furnace and zip up 1 or 2 of the zippers and I am quite warm for the night. I ordered it late and wasn't sure I'd get it in time but Mc Guire's came through.I have 10 acres in Montana on which I like to camp. This way, I've got a pair for work and a second pair for the range. Put these in my restored RV "glam camper" for overflow guests or interns on the farm. I have found that you can save a lot of money on this kit by purchasing additional "poo powder", and adding a scoop to each bag. It was really constricting in the shoulders and chest, it barely went below my waist, it was not as heavy as the previous anorak that I have.Needless to say, there aren't facilities and I don't want to pollute the pristine area by using the outdoors as a restroom. There is plenty of room for double my aforementioned waste input, and the main bag will still fold and fit in the supplied ziplclose bag most of the time. Also, I could not wear a couple of layers on underneath as described in the picture. This was only one bad experience I had with this company.He said it was so warm with the MP-Tex material and cuffs, looked great on him also. Looks very professional, lightweight and breaks the wind and rain.ns)i bought this to use as a work bag as well as an every day carry bag.

We mistakenly did not send the covers out with the order and have done so at this time. These spacers do exactly what they should, which is compensate for a space difference inside the footwear.

Excellent quality, I always bring my boonie hat to any sunny place, the materials are perfect. My first pair is still serving me well but I wanted to have another pair when needed. I love them for driving or other outdoor activities.

The boonie is design to keep you head always dry by the internal materials they used. These are excellent quality ballistic glasses- two sets- made for a narrow face (perfect for women), but still they are a little large on a very small face.

Mcguire Army Navy Sales Team The socks were a hit with my husband. They are much stronger material than store bought ones, that is why they are SWAT! When the ones I have are worn through I will DEFINITELY be re-ordering. Since I do a lot of peaking out, these have been hit dozens of times.

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There have been some light surface scratches from a few close shots, but nothing terrible (I can still see out of them perfectly) and hey - their job is to protect my eyes which they do.

Response: These items are 100% Genuine Issue Ames Tru Temper Shovels. I like them very much and if I have need of more, I know right where to go for them.

then someone will reply: You’re such a loser, since there are so many hoes. I don’t pretend to have discovered the Unified Field Theory of Japanese sexuality, but I’ll give you four factors that I think are contributing. “I have it easy,” he said, “since I work at an international company. “But Sunday’s when you come here to study English,” I pointed out. For most people, it comes down to two choices: work like mad as a single person and have a tiny apartment full of dirty clothes and half-eaten Cup Ramen containers, or get married.… continue reading »

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Moses leads them out of Egypt and through the wilderness to Mount Sinai, where Yahweh reveals himself and offers them a Covenant: they are to keep his torah (i.e.… continue reading »

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A good job for us is when you get lucky in our adult community! … continue reading »

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I whispered that he was making me uncomfortable, which only resulted in more ranting.… continue reading »

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Dan gaan we in de inleiding nog eens compleet van het ijs als ik lees Wat een krom taaltje.… continue reading »

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