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14-Oct-2017 01:02

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Coffee shops, cafes, supermarkets, ANYWHERE.."This was definitely the experience I was looking for, non-stop approaches with higher calibre women in top venues.

Their reports came back overwhelmingly successful, and the results were published for the entire world to see.

As the bootcamp progresses, you will be taking on more and more of the pick-ups on your own until you are doing each entire pick-up successfully by yourself.

As you progress through the bootcamp, I will provide the most powerful feedback, based on over 13 years experience in the field.

All details including meet-up locations will be sent to you via email upon signing up.

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To reserve a weekend, contact me at [email protected] sign up Here.

Picking up and attracting these quality women requires a lot more PRECISION than just the "big party energy" of a nightclub.