Dating and friendship in spain

31-Aug-2017 22:42

Anyone wanting to eat out on this special day will have to book well in advance.

The next important day is the 6th January or Three Kings Day (Los Reyes).

Unusual traditions at Christmas in Spain Caganer This is a Catalan speciality although seen all over Spain nowadays.

The Caganer is a gnome-like figurine, usually made of porcelain.

This may be followed by soup then baked besugo (Bream) with potatoes followed by roast lamb or suckling pig.

Game is another option although turkey is becoming popular.

At midnight, some people will go to the Midnight Mass at the church.

The children will usually only receive a small gift.

Every town and city in Spain will have a procession on the night of 5th January where tons of sweets will be thrown from the passing floats, much to the joy of the children (and adults).

We visited Malaga to watch the Three Kings arrive by boat and Fuengirola where they arrived in a helicopter (2011).

This is the day that the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem, it is also the most important day for the children as the Three Kings in effect replace Father Christmas for Spanish children (although Santa is becoming popular).

They arrive overnight on the 5th January, traditionally riding horses but often arrive by boat or even helicopter.

The meal will be complemented with Cava, Spain's excellent sparkling wine.