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12-Nov-2017 19:35

You can get an early start to your 2018 golf season by hitting the links and participating in the inaugural Tower Family Foundation Golf Invitational.

This fun event will take place the day before the annual NATE UNITE conference begins on Sunday, Feb.

Robbiati has been cutting costs at the nation’s smallest of the four major U. wireless carriers and analysts are questioning how much further Sprint can slash costs. The city of Akron, Ohio has completed the sale of 15 lease agreements to Pittsburg, Pa.-based EIP Communications and will receive million.

City leaders were expected to move forward with the deal since they had already spent about million that they had earmarked from the sale when they passed their 2017 budget nearly a year ago. President of the Texas State Wireless Association (TXWA), Jeff Lewis, is being honored by industry leaders for his decade of involvement, advocacy and support for the association as his term comes to a end.

The video, the latest to make its debut as part of Volume 2 of the NATE Climber Connection series, is designed to emphasize the exciting opportunities available in the industry for those workers … T-Mobile announced that it has ceased talks to merge with Sprint, as the companies were unable to find mutually agreeable terms. In an act of transparency, the Tower Family Foundation, a 501c-3 non-profit, today touted the organization’s strong financial management and stewardship track record in an industry-wide announcement.

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Awards are issued annually based on Congressional appropriation. The Pennsylvania Senate and House Committees on Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness and the Senate Committee on Communications & Technology announced they will host a Joint Public Hearing at a.m. 19, 2017 in the North Office Building to review First Net in Pennsylvania.Key Focus Areas of the Smart Communities Infrastructure Task Force …