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In another provision, the law specifies obligations for public legal persons (government administrations, et al.), mandating the use of French in publications, or at least in summaries of publications.In France, it is a constitutional requirement that the public should be informed of the action of the government.It does not concern books, films, public speeches, and other forms of communications not constituting commercial activity.However, the law mandates the use of the French language in all broadcast audiovisual programs, with exceptions for musical works and "original version" films.This includes the Breton language schools of Brittany.on grounds that they violated freedom of speech, and the final form of the law was modified accordingly.The law takes its common name from Jacques Toubon, who was Minister of Culture when it was passed, and who proposed the law to the National Assembly of France.A nickname is Loi Allgood – "Allgood" is a morpheme-for-morpheme translation of "Toubon" into English ("All Good" being a translation of "Tout bon") – as the law can largely be considered to have been enacted in reaction to the increasing usage of English in advertisements and other areas in France.

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Mc Gill argued it wasn’t required to offer dedicated space because it is a secular institution.One broad provision of the law applying to workplaces is that "any document that contains obligations for the employee or provisions whose knowledge is necessary for the performance of one's work must be written in French." Among other things, this means that computer software developed outside France must have its user interface and instruction manuals translated into French to be legally used by companies in France.The law includes an exception that "these provisions do not apply to documents coming from abroad", but this exception has been interpreted narrowly by the appellate courts.Ahmer Wali, in his fourth year of medical school, has been studying at the library, and it’s time for him to pray again.

As a Muslim, Wali must pray five times throughout the day.He could go to the small room in the basement of the student centre that the student union has partitioned as a makeshift prayer space for Muslim students, but the lineup will be out the door by now, and he wants to make it to his next class on time. But it’s not always easy to ask someone to move.” Last October, the Mc Gill student newspaper published a photo essay of Muslim students praying under staircases, in storage rooms and in empty classrooms. Muslim students had a dedicated prayer room until May 2005, when the university told them they could no longer use it.

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