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The coins are 27mm nickel-plated steel and are dated 2005.

One side features an Elephant’s head and a map of Africa while the other features a form of traditional money. Three pieces of Spear Money is shown on the coin of the Central African Republic. A Katanga Cross is on the coin from the Congo Republic.

Six member nations of the African Development Bank issued a series of coins, each of which features a form of traditional money used in the member nation.

Each coin bears the denomination of 1500 CFA Francs.

In an effort to improve relations with top African leaders, (and perhaps secure contracts to issue more coins), the Africa Mint issued a series of coins in 2003 honoring the Presidents of various African nations.

Each of the four bi-metallic coins are 28mm in diameter and bear the denomination of 6000 Francs.

The coin is denominated in the local currency: 1500 CFA Francs, a common currency used by a number of African nations that were once French colonies.

Edward reigned for less than a year before he abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee.

Both coins were struck at the British Royal Mint and are Uncirculated.

Burundi is a small, landlocked nation in central Africa.

First issued in 1944, during World War II, it was also struck in 19. The coin is always popular with coin collectors and elephant lovers.

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Belgian Congo Ruanda-Urundi was an administrative unit that was made up of the three territories that Belgium controlled in Africa.

One side has the royal crown, name of the monarch in Latin and the denomination spelled out in words in English and Arabic.

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